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Solvent Free Process

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100% Solvent Free Process

This is not wet washing, anyone can do that.
Wet Cleaning is a relatively new process in Canada. This German technology has been installed on our premises since 1999 and it has truly produced some miracles. Wet cleaning can be best described as a method for effectively removing water soluble stains from a typically dry clean only garment.

Items built with 100% wools, cashmere, silk, rayon, acetate and dozens of other fabrics can now be safely treated and finished. These fabrics usually have a dry clean only care label.  Most food, beverages, and protein stains simply do not release in the dry cleaning process.  Thankfully our wet process works safely on all “Dry Clean Only” care labelled items.


Miele invented the "Wet Care" system.  This is a process that has been uniquely engineered with very special machines that use a water process.   When the "Smart" detergents are used in the Miele machines the citrus based and banana oil derivitives along with high quality silk proteins, allow virtually anything that has a "Dry Clean" only label to be safely cleaned and finished in this system.  Unlike the Dry Cleaning process where the solvents are used over and over in every cleaning load.   Nothing goes down the drain.  You can imagine what impurities can and do carry over into future cleaning loads.  A highly toxic waste product needs to be removed from the dry cleaners premises as he/she accumulates 45 gallons of this toxic waste.   In the "Wet Care" system by Miele, there are 2 complete fresh rinses that discharge into the drainage system.   The effluent that leaves the machine is over 10 times less harmful than what goes down your drain in a home laundry system.   The garment will last much longer and the colours will stay vibrant.  Please "click" on the Miele logo and then start the short video that explains the different methods of "Dry Cleaning".


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If you are among the many Canadians who believes that having your garments cleaned shouldn’t have to come with environmental and family health concerns, you’ll appreciate the solvent-free difference at Carriage Trade Cleaners. 

Carriage Trade Cleaners specializes in “wet cleaning” using water and non-toxic, biodegradable detergents to clean fabrics. This process is extremely gentle on clothing so your clothing will last longer. Many customers notice a fresh natural scent and a soft feel that is pleasant and kind to sensitive skin. They finish each garment for that crisp, tailored appearance you expect.

From natural and synthetic materials, to leather, suede and more,the German-made Miele wet cleaning system at Carriage Trade Cleaners can clean all business, formal and casual garments, comforters, uniforms, draperies with perfect pleats and more. Alterations, repairs and expert tailoring are available-minor repairs are often free. Wedding gowns can be cleaned and preserved with keepsake container or embroidered cotton garment bag.

Carriage Trade Cleaners also offer an in-car Drive-Thru service for pick-ups and drop-offs (with complimentary gourmet coffee), plus 24-hour drop-off via pre-arranged access key. You are notified by e-mailor text message when your order is ready to be picked up. With a history spanning over 4 decades, Carriage Trade Cleaners is a 3 generation family business overseen by the Kimmerer Family along with a well-trained, professional team who ensure your complete satisfaction.

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