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Our wedding gown specialists are equipped to restore your gown to the condition it was on your wedding day. Whether your gown is vintage, or something borrowed we will have your gown ready to wear or store it for a lifetime.

Wedding Gown Cleaning

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Bridesmaid dress dry cleaning Oshawa, Oshawa wedding gown cleaning


Our preservation process starts with our seamstress inspecting any beads that may have come loose, or any tears in your dress. Your gown will then be pre-treated for stains on the under side of the train. This process requires 24 hours. Then your gown will be treated for all other stains. Once our specialists have treated areas of your gown it will then be cleaned in a very gentle process.


After cleaning, we will place your gown in a temperature controlled room to release most of the wrinkles. This part of the process will last up to 7 days. Our specialists then will hand finish your gown using a low temperature iron. Finally, our seamstress will then inspect your gown to ensure all beads and fabrics are fastened. If your gown is being worn again, we will place it in a fabric breathable bag. If you are storing your gown, we will carefully place it in a keepsake chest.


View our Wedding Gown video
to see the entire process.

Your Guarantee: We warranty our wedding gowns for life. If you notice any discolouring or changes in the gown due to preserving, we will re clean and preserve your gown.

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Cleaning and Preserving: $300*

(*Without preservation box subtract $70)


Silk Wedding Gown: $425*

(*Without preservation box subtract $70)


**Please note that Wedding Gowns

   are a Pre-Paid Service

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